Lorentzen Brothers Mechanical Plumbers NJ

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If you want a contractor who's going to cut corners these are the guys for you. But don't expect them to pass on the savings to you..."that wasn't included".

But it will seem like you're getting more than your money's worth since they will keep coming back week after week after week after week, and again and again, even if it's just for an hour or two, usually Friday morning if you know what I mean. And if they don't finish the job don't blame them...it's not their fault "because the job was harder" than they thought. Oh yes, and they will explain that everyone they know agrees the job was harder than they thought.

In time I came to understand that yes, everything was too hard for them to do. On that point they were finally being honest.



I guess he's good for sump pumps. But I had to bring in a plumber from Freehold to fix and finish his work.

Not sure why it was so hard for him to do. I guess with freelance guys sometimes the work is good and sometimes it's iffy.


Vic installed an advanced sump pump backup system by me and his work was extremely professional and he completed his work timely. Not sure why Ahtrai had issues because I would clearly recommend Lorentzen Brothers Mechanical Plumber to all of my friends & associates. No corners were cut on this project and I can only hope that anyone needing a good plumber in NJ takes my recommendation as proof of the quality workmanship that they would get by using Lorentzen.


Are they the same brothers from Perth Amboy, NJ? I just hired them to do some work.

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